Anxiety Disorder

As per Dr. Ajay Nihalani ,Psychiatrist in Delhi , Delhi

Everyone has anxiety to some degree in certain situations.However when excessive worrying interferes with day- to-day functioning, it can have serious consequences.

Clients report feeling “on-edge” all day, worrying about “every little thing.” This constant worrying causes a great deal of muscle Tension , and fatigue and often interferes with sleep. It may have a negative impact on relationships and work. when the anxiety interferes to the point of avoiding any form of social interaction, it can have negative consequences.

Clients that have social anxiety disorder report an intense fear of being judged, scrutinized, or looked down upon in any kind of social interaction.

They are frightened of being humiliated or shunned by the group. In a society that frequently demands social interactions in our jobs, and relationships, this disorder can be very frustrating.

Panic Disorder is characterized by episodic acute anxiety attacks in which the person experiences racing heartbeats, tremors, sweating, breathlesness and thoughts like he might not survive lasting for minutes. These episodes may be triggered in specific situations like a flight, travelling in a lift or being in a closed room are triggered out of the blue. Usually patients and families fail to understand the condition adn attributed to illnesses like a heart problem or asthma, thus depriving the patient from correct treatment